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Members of the Association

          Established in 2008, the Ukrainian Nut Association is a professional industry association uniting 136 full members of the association (as of 02/01/2020) and more than 2,000 associate members from 24 regions of Ukraine. Together they represent nurseries for growing seedlings of nut-bearing crops, industrial gardens, nut processing companies and exporters.
          The nut industry in Ukraine is a segment of the country's modern horticulture, and in the conditions of a market economy, in our opinion, it is one of the most promising and profitable industry of the agro-industrial complexof Ukraine.



          • The MOST USEFUL and DELICIOUS nuts in the world are Ukrainian varietal nuts, because they are grown on the fertile lands of the world, what are Ukrainian soils.

         • TOP-100 industrial gardens of walnuts and hazelnuts, which are part of the association, located on a total area of ​​more than 11,200 hectares.

         • PROGRAM 1 + 1 (Walnut + Hazelnuts): the area of ​​industrial gardens of walnuts and hazelnuts annually increases by 2.1-2.4 thousand ha

         • FIRST IN UKRAINE industrial walnut orchards enter commodity fruiting

         • FIRST TIME FOR EXPORT: high-quality varietal nuts of Ukrainian selection from industrial gardens of Ukraine, who started commodity fruiting

         • 100% FORMATION of each export batch from SPECIFIC industrial orchards of Ukraine

         • high quality of Ukrainian varietal nuts is confirmed by international certificates

         • SYSTEM SUPPLIES of high-quality varietal nuts with a constant increase in volumes due to the annual growth of fruiting orchards

         • PROGRAM 2 + 1 (Walnut, Hazelnuts + Almonds): in 2020, the national program “Industrial Almond orchards of Ukrainian Varieties” was launched.

         • Welcome TO UKRAINE: We will be happy to show you our nut orchards!