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         The GULFOOD-2020 World Food Exhibition in Dubai (UAE) has come to an end.

         And while more detailed summary information is being prepared on the FIRST DEBUTH participation of the Ukrainian Nut Association at the world exhibition, I will write about the general results of the PRESENTATION OF THE NUT BRANCH OF UKRAINE at the anniversary GULFOOD-2020.

         Contact log of the Ukrainian Nut Association is swollen from business cards of interested buyers and records to them (one stapler broke - it’s well, that was a spare).

         A video about INDUSTRIAL NUT GARDENS OF UKRAINE, which are part of the nut association, riveted ATTENTION to the professionals of the world walnut market, like the newest MOVIE-HIT. By popular demand, we rewrote it and sent it to the visitors of the walnut stand.

         NOBODY EXPECTED TO SEE A NUT UKRAINE with growing industrial gardens with varietal quality nuts!

         NOBODY EXPECTED to try such a GREAT TASTE from Ukrainian nuts and hazelnuts!

         NOBODY EXPECTED that industrial nut orchards with an area of ​​500 - 930 hectares are growing in Ukraine and that, with the leaders of such nut giants, you can just have a cup of coffee on the walnut stand of Ukraine.

         NOBODY EXPECTED to try the taste of the finest hazelnut oil created from Ukrainian hazelnut!

         And you can also list the fact that NONE OF THE WORLD NUT PROFESSIONALS HAVE EXPECTED, but we will be realistic - this is only a SUCCESSFUL FIRST STEP.

         Our further work on the global expansion of the UKRAINIAN VARIETY NUT AND Hazelnuts is just BEGINNING.

President of the Ukrainian Nut Association G. Yudin