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President of the Ukrainian Nut Association Yudin G.




     Today, May 20, etc., in the Ministry of Economy under Zam. Minister of Vysotsky T.N., an online meeting was held, in which one of the main issues of the agenda was discussion of improvement of the standards applied in the budget program of the State Support for Horticulture, Viticulture and Agriculture.

    As previously reported, by Decision of Kabmina of Ukraine 279 of 18.03.2020g. 30% compensation for new equipment (i.e. foreign production), the list of which is included in the Order of the Ministry of Economy 745 dated 19.12.2019.

    However, there is a complete lack of equipment and machinery for mechanized nut harvesting, post-harvest primary processing of walnut and nut crops.

    At the same time, according to the results of two years (2018-2019) of the existence of the program of support for gardening, viticulture and agriculture of 48% of all gardens in Ukraine, laid down in the framework of the program of support of the Russian Federation, these are nut and hazelnut orchards.

   Taking this into account, when forming the Order of the Ministry of Economy 745 of 19.12.2019 on approval of compensation standards, the Ukrainian Nut Association with its letter 055 of 30.10.2019h. to the name of Zam. The Minister of Vysotsky, T.N. officially sent a list of equipment and machinery for mechanized nut harvesting, post-harvest primary processing of walnut and nut crops, which is necessary for approval in the new Order.

      But the order of the Ministry of Economy 745 of 19.12.2019 was adopted without a list of equipment for nut orchards.

   After the April 2020 Budget Amendment of the State Gardening Support Program was maintained, the SBI "Ukrainian Nut Association" again submitted and registered with the Ministry of Economy a proposal to supplement Order 745 with the List of Mechanisms, Machinery and equipment for mechanized harvesting, post-harvest primary treatment and conservation of walnuts and other nut-grown crops, as indicated in the association’s letter (enclosed is letter 079 of 07.05.2020).

    Today at the meeting in the Ministry of Economy during the speeches of the President of the Ukrainian Nut Association Yudin G.A., the Chairman of the association «Ukrsadprom» Matviec A.G. the leadership of the Ministry’s Department of Specialization was confirmed, The Ministry of Economy has now prepared a new draft of the Regulation Approval Order, which takes into account the proposals of the Nut Association for Machinery and Equipment.

    In addition, during his presentation at the meeting, Yudin G.A. made additional proposals to improve the standards, which should reflect new trends in the establishment of intensive gardens, the application of innovative agricultural technologies in the construction of hazelnut gardens.

    In particular, the Nut Association proposes to supplement the existing standards for laying hazelnut trees with the following modern orientations in hazelnut orchards:

1. Planting of hazelnut, grafted on the tree-likes rootstocks (i.e. bear nut).

2. Planting hazelnut gardens using trellis formation and growing technology.

     A letter from Nut Association 082 dated 19.05.2020 was also officially sent to the Ministry of Economy (enclosed).

   The Ukrainian Nut Association at the meeting supported the proposal of the association «Ukrsadprom» on the need for official approval of the working group on horticulture at the Ministry of Economy.

   The management of the Department of the Ministry of Economy has assured that changes in the regulations will be sent to the associations for further adjustments and amendments before the final approval of the Order.

   The formation of the new Regulation with standards is entering the decisive phase of its final formation, so the Nut Association together with other relevant associations plan to continue to protect the interests of the horticulture. At the same time, a wise old saying comes to mind: «DO NOT STAND FOR THE HAIR - BEARDS WILL NOT BECOME!!».