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         In the office of the ITC (International Trade Centre) project in Ukraine, an international videoconference meeting was held on the further development of the road map for the strategic development of the nut industry of Ukraine, in which the head of the ITC project in Ukraine, Alyona Kolomoizheva, President of the UPO «Ukrainian Nut Association» Gennady Yudin, experts of the ITLS and international consultant of the ITTS James Fitzpatrick (James Fitzpatrick), who was at that time in Dublin (Ireland).

        Within the framework of concrete steps for the development of the hazelnut road map, the activities aimed at increasing the export potential of the industry, its competitiveness in world markets, creation of the reputation of the Ukrainian variety nut in the world nut industry were discussed, Facilitating the access of producers of Ukrainian nuts to foreign markets.

        A programme of further video seminars with the participation of James Fitzpatrick, other experts organized by ITLS for Ukrainian nut producers, processors and exporters was agreed.

        Within the framework of the existing ITC-Ukrainian Nut Association Cooperation Agreement, the participation of the delegation of the Ukrainian Nut Association in the business programme prepared by ITC at the SIAL Paris 2020 World Exhibition was confirmed, to be held from 18 to 22 October in Paris (France).

        At this exhibition, ITC will provide an opportunity for the Ukrainian Nut Association to become an official member of SIAL Paris with its own stand. In order to provide and create the Ukrainian Corporate Stand at the SIAL Paris World Fair, ITC has already booked and fully paid for the area of the future stand.

        SIAL is a unique global food event featuring leading global buyers and food manufacturers in one place. SIAL attracts about 200,000 visitors not only from the European Union, but also from the rest of Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

         The 29th edition of SIAL Paris will be the world’s largest international food exhibition in 2020, as the combination of three exhibitions: SIAL, IPA (equipment and technology exhibition) and IN-FOOD will cover all aspects of the food industry, from the production of ingredients, semi-finished products to ready-to-eat foodstuffs.

         UPO «Ukrainian Nut Association» as an industry association, within the framework of its own stand at the SIAL Paris exhibition, intends to present the varietal production of industrial walnut and hazelnut orchards, nut-processing products. To this end, the Association will again staff the Walnut Delegation of Ukraine, consisting of representatives of industrial nut gardens, processors, exporters.


President of the Ukrainian Nut Association Gennady Yudin